FEDORA-EPEL-2023-b70a4bbbc2 created by robert a year ago for Fedora EPEL 9

Coturn 4.6.2

  • Fix MSVC CI build
  • Prometheus: make sure microhttpd starts using epoll if supported
  • Fix typo in mainrelay.c
  • Remove unused include that breaks OpenBSD
  • Delete LICENSE.OpenSSL
  • use santisied psql string
  • Use the actual redis connection string to connect, not the sanitized one
  • Implement non-blocking recvfrom on Windows
  • Add contributing guidelines
  • Move and split documentation files
  • Use inline functions for errno checks
  • Add STUN request/response/error prometheus counters
  • Add configuration option for TLS 1.3 ciphersuites
  • Fix wrong usage of C-style in place generated array
  • bugfix: fix broken type label of turn_total_allocations gauge
  • Add explicit SIGTERM and SIGINT handlers
  • Set string bytes to null to prevent random origin
  • Regenerate manual pages from README files
  • Fix inverted logic in TLS configuration options
  • Reduce code duplication when printing userdb
  • Fix memory corruption on socket close
  • Cleanup logs on turnserver start
  • Optional build info compiled into turnserver binary
  • Fix duplicate prometheus metric report
  • Add sessioncount to prometheus metrics
  • Update openssl API use to non-deprecated version
  • Log threadId to logs to aid in multi-threaded debugging
  • Use khash 0.2.8
  • Reflect new native Windows build support in documentation
  • Check and fix format string for turn_log_func_default
  • Properly calculate size for sm_allocated
  • Do not discard qualifiers in free()
  • Simplify defines for macOS platform
  • WINDOWS: unsigned long should not be used to store pointers
  • Reduce usage of TURN_NO_HIREDIS macros
  • Update to fix duplicate stdout log output
  • Use c11 standard
  • Reduce usage of TURN_NO_PROMETHEUS
  • Remove unnecessary declaration from header file
  • Support Windows MSVC
  • Fix resource leaks
  • Backlog fifo
  • Change rpm systemd service type from notify to exec
  • Add missing comma
  • Fix off-by-one when terminating gcm_nonce
  • Use %zu format specifier for size_t
  • Fix variable argument handling
  • Cleanup openssl initialization
  • fuzzing support
  • created netengine.c get_relay_server utility method to reduce code duplication
  • fix bug in calls to ssl_read and ssl_send where extra verbose flag goes missing
  • ignore raw UDP if no_udp is enabled
  • Sanitize DB connection string before printing to log
  • Better detect SCTP protocol
  • Redis memleaks and socketleaks
  • Fix issue 51563 in oss-fuzz
  • Fix multiple warnings in libtelnet.c file
  • Update libtelnet to 0.23 (portability issues)
  • Remove debug publish to redis
  • Cleanup unused include of header files
  • Use single SSL_CTX for DTLS support
  • Malformed response to mobility refresh request
  • Silence warnings by converting STRCPY to strncpy calls
  • Build CI with prometheus support
  • Replace references to non-existent pdf file with links
  • Fix TLS1.3 support
  • Use a single SSL context object
  • Use epoll for promhttp server if supported
  • Fix issues reported by cppcheck
  • Replace bcopy with memcpy
  • Replace bzero with memset
  • Improve openssl3 and FIPS support
  • Preserve file timestamps when using install
  • Fix renegotiation flag for older version of openssl

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