FEDORA-EPEL-2023-cde92b8269 created by packit 3 months ago for Fedora EPEL 9

Automatic update for fedora-license-data-1.31-1.el9.

Changelog for fedora-license-data
* Fri Sep 29 2023 Miroslav Suchý <> 1.31-1
- new license: GPL-2.0-or-later WITH Autoconf-exception-macro
- new license: LGPL-3.0-or-later WITH Autoconf-exception-macro
- new license: HPND-export-US-modify
- Add a public domain dedication from the SWORD Project
- Add LPPL-1.2 as not-allowed, add LPPL-1.3a+ as allowed
- new license: LGPL-2.1-only WITH Qt-LGPL-exception-1.1
- new license: SGI-OpenGL
- Add jhash public domain dedication for QEMU
- Add QEMU to the rijndael (AES) public domain license reference
- new license: SSH-short
- new license: GPL-2.0-or-later WITH UBDL-exception
- new license: McPhee-slideshow
- new license: HPND-DEC
- new license: magaz
- new license: ulem
- new license: fwlw
- new license: Kastrup
- Fix names of Linux-syscall-note TOML files
- Add reference to EDK2 package public domain code
- new license: HPND-sell-regexpr
- new license: Cronyx
- new license: Lucida-Bitmap-Fonts
- new license: LPPL-1.3c
- new license: swrule
- new license: BSD-Inferno-Nettverk
- Some code in OpenSSH has a Public Domain license
- new license: ssh-keyscan
- new license: HPND-Pbmplus
- Add public domain text from mingw-headers/mingw-winpthreads packages
- Add public domain test from Augeas project
- new license: BSD-Attribution-HPND-disclaimer
- new not allowed license: LicenseRef-Tyrian
- Add public domain entry for squid

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