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Release notes for xrdp v0.9.22 (2023/05/07)

General announcements

  • Running xrdp and xrdp-sesman on separate hosts is still supported by this release, but is now deprecated. This is not secure. A future v1.0 release will replace the TCP socket used between these processes with a Unix Domain Socket, and then cross-host running will not be possible.

Security fixes

  • No security fixes in this release.

New features

  • Empty passwords are no longer automatically passed through to sesman for authentication (#2509)
  • Don't try to listen on the scard socket if it isn't there (#2507)
  • The directory where PAM configuration files are installed can now be set with --with-pamconfdir (#2552 #2557 #2566)
  • Sesman can now be configured to ignore alternate shells passed from the client (#2634)
  • Allow longer UserWindowManager strings (#2653)

Bug fixes

  • Minor documentation fixes (#2508 #2582)
  • Memory management fixes to list module (#2548 #2577)
  • Fix some noise when MP3/AAC are in use and some logging improvements (#2519 #2537 #2554)
  • Fix potential NULL dereferences in chansrv (#2574)
  • An erroneous free in the smartcard handling code has been removed (#2611)
  • An unnecessary 'check.h' include was removed which prevented compilation on Arch systems (#2650)

Internal changes

  • cppcheck version used for CI bumped to 2.10 (#2521)
  • g_malloc, g_free, g_memset, and g_memcpy are now macros. These should not be used in new code (#2612)
  • FreeBSD CI now runs on FreeBSD 12.4 (#2622)

Changes for packagers or developers

  • openSUSE Bug 1208121 has been addressed in upstream

Known issues

  • On-the-fly resolution change requires the Microsoft Store version of Remote Desktop client but sometimes crashes on connect (#1869)
  • xrdp's login dialog is not relocated at the center of the new resolution after on-the-fly resolution change happens (#1867)

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New build(s):

  • xrdp-0.9.22-3.el8

Removed build(s):

  • xrdp-0.9.22-2.el8

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User Icon robhancock commented & provided feedback 4 months ago

Update seems to completely break the package due to missing libraries. See

Yeah, working on a fix now. It would have been nice to get this while package was in updates-testing... Ah, well.

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