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libopenmpt 0.7.6 (2024-03-24)

  • [Sec] Potential heap out-of-bounds read or write past sample end with malformed sustain loops in SymMOD files (r20420).
  • MED: Transposed samples were playing too low in some files (e.g. mix94.mmd1).
  • OKT: Some files with garbage at the end were rejected (e.g. katharsis - piano lesson.okta).
  • Compressor DMO: It was possible that the plugin would not behave as intended at mix rates above 500 kHz.
  • Avoid re-allocating the loop state map contents on every playthrough of the module.

libopenmpt 0.7.5 (2024-03-17)

  • [Sec] Null-pointer write (32bit platforms) or excessive memory allocation (64bit platforms) when reading close to 4GiB of data from unseekable files (r20336, r20338).
  • [Sec] Write buffer overflow when reading unseekable files close to 4GiB in size (r20339).
  • [Sec] Possible out-of-memory (32bit platforms) or excessive memory allocation (64bit platforms) when reading malformed data from unseekable files (r20340).
  • [Sec] DMF: Possible null-pointer write or excessive memory allocation when reading DMF files (r20323).
  • IT: In the previous version, Zxx macros in IT files made with older MPT versions were no longer working.
  • There was a periodic click when playing a module using the Chorus or Flanger DMO plugin at a mix rate exceeding ~136.5 kHz.
  • An older bugfix for undefined behaviour in the Distortion DMO plugin was incorrect, causing the distorted sound to be different in some situations.
  • xmp-openmpt: Metadata retrievel for playlist items was broken.

libopenmpt 0.7.4 (2024-03-03)

  • [Bug] Makefile: libopenmpt 0.7.3 broke running the test suite for Emscripten builds.
  • openmpt123: openmpt123 now uses a narrower layout on terminal windows with a width of less than 72 characters.
  • Setting all possible load_skip flags resulted in nothing being loaded at all, instead of just not loading the selected module parts.
  • When playing all subsongs, set_position_seconds didn’t always calculate the correct subsong to jump to.
  • IT: A few more compatibility flags are now disabled for modules saved with earlier Schism Tracker versions.
  • IT: MIDI macros were reset in IT 2.14 / 2.15 files that declared to be compatible with older IT versions (fixes
  • OKT: Work around missing negative arpeggio implementation by transposing the notes up an octave.
  • OKT: Channel volume commands were sometimes lost over less important effects.
  • IMF: Ignore magic bytes in sample header. “Leaving All Behind” by Karsten Koch uses unexpected magic bytes, Orpheus ignores them just like the instrument header magic bytes.
  • zlib: Update to v1.3.1 (2024-01-22).
  • mpg123: Update to v1.32.5 (2024-02-17).
  • pugixml: Update to v1.14 (2023-10-01).

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