FEDORA-EPEL-2024-07f2060075 created by robert 2 months ago for Fedora EPEL 9

tio v2.8

  • Rework resolve_config_file()

  • Rework line_pulse_duration_option_parse()

    Introduce proper sscanf() checks.

  • Rework rs485_parse_config()

    Introduce proper sscanf() checks.

  • Clean up file descriptor name shadowing

  • Add missing header guard

  • Upgrade inih subproject

  • Remove options --response-wait, --response-timeout

    Remove options and rework input handling so it is possible to do the same thing but via script which is much more flexible.

    These options were always a bit of a hardcoded solution. With the new script expect feature we can wait for any type of response.

    For example, pipe command to serial device and wait for line response within 1 second:

    $ echo "*IDN?" | tio /dev/ttyACM0 --script "expect('\r\n', 1000)" --mute

  • Add lua exit(code)

  • Add timeout feature to expect()

  • Add lua expect(string)

    Add simple expect functionality.

    The expect(string) function will wait for input from the tty device and only return when there is a string match. Regular expressions are supported.

    Example: script = expect('password:'); send('my_password\n')

  • Add lua send(string)

  • Add lua modem_send(file,protocol)

  • Fix xymodem error print outs

  • Rework x/y-modem transfer command

    Remove ctrl-t X option and instead introduce submenu to ctrl-t x option for picking which xmodem protocol to use.

  • Update README

  • Cleanup options

  • Add independent input and output mode

    Replaces -x, --hexadecimal option with --input-mode and --output-mode so it is possible to select hex or normal mode for both input and output independently.

    To obtain same behaviour as -x, --hexadecimal use the following configuration:

    input-mode = hex

    output-mode = hex

  • Fix file descriptor handling on MacOS

  • Add tty line configuration script API

    On some platforms calling high()/low() to switch line states result in costly system calls whick makes it impossible to swith two or more tty lines simultaneously.

    To help solve this timing issue we introduce a tty line state configuration API which can be used instead of using high()/low().

    Using config_low(line) and config_high(line) one can set up a new line state configuration for multiple lines and then use config_apply() to finally apply the configuration. This will result in only one system call to instruct the serial port drive to switch all the configured line states which should help ensure that the lines are switched simultaneously.

    Example: script = config_high(DTR); config_low(RTS); config_apply()

  • Add ONULBRK mapping flag

    Add ONULBRK mapping to map nul (zero) to send break signal on output.

    This is useful if one needs to e.g. send the break signal to the tty device when connected via socket.

  • Add --log-directory option

    For specifying directory path in which to save automatically named log files.

  • Add Lua scripting feature

    Add support for running Lua scripts that can manipulate the tty control lines. Script is activated automatically on connect or manually via in session key command.

    The Lua scripting feature opens up for many posibilities in the future such as adding expect like functionality to easily and programatically interact with the connected device.

  • Invert line states to reflect true electrical level

  • Add support for disabling prefix key handling

    To disable prefix key input handing simply set prefix-ctrl-key to none.

  • Add meson man pages install option

    Defaults to installing man pages.

  • Poll on serial port read instead of delay.

  • Add Xmodem-CRC support.

  • CYGWIN: Fix port auto connection.

  • Check return values of sscanf()

    Failing to check that a call to sscanf actually writes to an output variable can lead to unexpected behavior at reading time.

  • Support NO_COLOR env variable as per

  • Fix troff warning

    .eo/.ec sections seemingly need explicit empty lines using .sp

    Otherwise, troff complains:

    troff:<standard input>:535: warning: expected numeric expression, got '\'

    troff:<standard input>:538: warning: expected numeric expression, got '\'

    troff:<standard input>:541: warning: expected numeric expression, got '\'

  • Add map FF to ESC-c on input

    Added map of form feed to ESC-c on input for terminals that do not clear screen on ^L but do on ESC-c.

  • Add CodeQL Workflow for Code Security Analysis

  • Fix double call of tty_disconnect() on macOS/Darwin.

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