FEDORA-EPEL-2024-853cbc5eb4 created by remi 5 months ago for Fedora EPEL 9

Version 2.7.1 - 2024-02-09

  • Added several warnings when plugins are disabled to hint at common problems people had with 2.7.0 (#11842)
  • Fixed diagnose auditing of Composer dependencies failing when running from the phar

Version 2.7.0 - 2024-02-08

  • Security: Fixed code execution and possible privilege escalation via compromised vendor dir contents (GHSA-7c6p-848j-wh5h / CVE-2024-24821)
  • Changed the default of the audit.abandoned config setting to fail, set it to report or ignore if you do not want this, or set it via COMPOSER_AUDIT_ABANDONED env var (#11643)
  • Added --minimal-changes (-m) flag to update/require/remove commands to perform partial update with --with-dependencies while changing only what is absolutely necessary in transitive dependencies (#11665)
  • Added --sort-by-age (-A) flag to outdated/show commands to allow sorting by and displaying the release date (most outdated first) (#11762)
  • Added support for --self combined with --installed or --locked in show command, to add the root package to the package list being output (#11785)
  • Added severity information to audit command output (#11702)
  • Added scripts-aliases top level key in composer.json to define aliases for custom scripts you defined (#11666)
  • Added IPv4 fallback on connection timeout, as well as a COMPOSER_IPRESOLVE env var to force IPv4 or IPv6, set it to 4 or 6 (#11791)
  • Added support for wildcards in outdated's --ignore arg (#11831)
  • Added support for bump command bumping * to >=current version (#11694)
  • Added detection of constraints that cannot possibly match anything to validate command (#11829)
  • Added package source information to the output of install when running in very verbose (-vv) mode (#11763)
  • Added audit of Composer's own bundled dependencies in diagnose command (#11761)
  • Added GitHub token expiration date to diagnose command output (#11688)
  • Added non-zero status code to why/why-not commands (#11796)
  • Added error when calling show --direct <package> with an indirect/transitive dependency (#11728)
  • Added COMPOSER_FUND=0 env var to hide calls for funding (#11779)
  • Fixed bump command not bumping packages required with a v prefix (#11764)
  • Fixed automatic disabling of plugins when running non-interactive as root
  • Fixed update --lock not keeping the dist reference/url/checksum pinned (#11787)
  • Fixed require command crashing at the end if no lock file is present (#11814)
  • Fixed root aliases causing problems when auditing locked dependencies (#11771)
  • Fixed handling of versions with 4 components in require command (#11716)
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Symfony 7
  • Fixed composer.json remaining behind after a --dry-run of the require command (#11747)
  • Fixed warnings being shown incorrectly under some circumstances (#11786, #11760, #11803)

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