bugfix update in Fedora 28 Modular for stratis:1

Status: stable 11 months ago

stratisd 1.0.1 is a bugfix release. The one user-visible change is that the directory that Stratis places symlinks to filesystems has changed from /dev/stratis to /stratis. This lets Stratis work better in conjunction with systemd, and also happens to be similar to ZFS's behavior.

Along with that, a number of critical bugs were fixed:

  • Creating a snapshot with stratis filesystem snapshot fails with xfs_db: command not found due to PATH issue
  • Adding a device to a full pool does not allow a user to immediately create new FS
  • Limit what we allow in pool names & filesystem names
  • Creating snapshot does not check for name conflict
  • stratisd fails when cache grows to ~40TiB
  • Corrupt fs after tying to rsync some 90G on a 150G single fs pool
  • Running out of space during FS creation results in bad state as dm table is left behind

These changes should mean that Stratis is no longer guaranteed to eat your data.

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