FEDORA-MODULAR-2019-150c1062e2 created by orion 2 years ago for Fedora 30 Modular

Update to 3.1.5

  • Fix OMPIO issue limiting file reads/writes to 2GB. Thanks to Richard Warren for reporting the issue.
  • At run time, automatically disable Linux cross-memory attach (CMA) for vader BTL (shared memory) copies when running in user namespaces (i.e., containers). Many thanks to Adrian Reber for raising the issue and providing the fix.
  • Sending very large MPI messages using the ofi MTL will fail with some of the underlying Libfabric transports (e.g., PSM2 with messages >=4GB, verbs with messages >=2GB). Prior version of Open MPI failed silently; this version of Open MPI invokes the appropriate MPI error handler upon failure. See https://github.com/open-mpi/ompi/issues/7058 for more details. Thanks to Emmanuel Thomé for raising the issue.
  • Fix case where 0-extent datatypes might be eliminated during optimization. Thanks to Github user @tjahns for raising the issue.
  • Ensure that the MPIR_Breakpoint symbol is not optimized out on problematic platforms.
  • Fix OMPIO offset calculations with SEEK_END and SEEK_CUR in MPI_FILE_GET_POSITION. Thanks to Wei-keng Liao for raising the issue.
  • Fix corner case for datatype extent computations. Thanks to David Dickenson for raising the issue.
  • Fix MPI buffered sends with the "cm" PML.
  • Update to PMIx v2.2.3.
  • Fix ssh-based tree-based spawning at scale. Many thanks to Github user @zrss for the report and diagnosis.
  • Fix the Open MPI RPM spec file to not abort when grep fails. Thanks to Daniel Letai for bringing this to our attention.
  • Handle new SLURM CLI options (SLURM 19 deprecated some options that Open MPI was using). Thanks to Jordan Hayes for the report and the initial fix.
  • OMPI: fix division by zero with an empty file view.
  • Also handle shmat()/shmdt() memory patching with OS-bypass networks.
  • Add support for unwinding info to all files that are present in the stack starting from MPI_Init, which is helpful with parallel debuggers. Thanks to James Clark for the report and initial fix.
  • Fixed inadvertant use of bitwise operators in the MPI C++ bindings header files. Thanks to Bert Wesarg for the report and the fix.
  • Fix MPI one-sided 32 bit atomic support.
  • Add "naive" regx component that will never fail, no matter how esoteric the hostnames are.
  • Allow individual jobs to set their map/rank/bind policies when running LSF. Thanks to Nick R. Papior for assistance in solving the issue.
  • Properly propagate errors to avoid deadlocks in MPI one-sided operations.
  • Fix data corruption in non-contiguous MPI accumulates over UCX.

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