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2021-05-11, Version 14.17.0 'Fermium' (LTS), @danielleadams

Notable Changes

Diagnostics channel (experimental module)

diagnostics_channel is a new experimental module that provides an API to create named channels to report arbitrary message data for diagnostics purposes.

The module was initially introduced in Node.js v15.1.0 and is backported to v14.17.0 to enable testing it at a larger scale.

With diagnostics_channel, Node.js core and module authors can publish contextual data about what they are doing at a given time. This could be the hostname and query string of a mysql query, for example. Just create a named channel with dc.channel(name) and call channel.publish(data) to send the data to any listeners to that channel.

const dc = require('diagnostics_channel');
const channel = dc.channel('mysql.query');

MySQL.prototype.query = function query(queryString, values, callback) {
  // Broadcast query information whenever a query is made
    query: queryString,
    host: this.hostname,

  this.doQuery(queryString, values, callback);

Channels are like one big global event emitter but are split into separate objects to ensure they get the best performance. If nothing is listening to the channel, the publishing overhead should be as close to zero as possible. Consuming channel data is as easy as using channel.subscribe(listener) to run a function whenever a message is published to that channel.

const dc = require('diagnostics_channel');
const channel = dc.channel('mysql.query');

channel.subscribe(({ query, host }) => {
  console.log(`mysql query to ${host}: ${query}`);

The data captured can be used to provide context for what an app is doing at a given time. This can be used for things like augmenting tracing data, tracking network and filesystem activity, logging queries, and many other things. It's also a very useful data source for diagnostics tools to provide a clearer picture of exactly what the application is doing at a given point in the data they are presenting.

Contributed by Stephen Belanger #34895.

UUID support in the crypto module

The new crypto.randomUUID() method now allows to generate random RFC 4122 Version 4 UUID strings:

const { randomUUID } = require('crypto');

// 'aa7c91a1-f8fc-4339-b9db-f93fc7233429'

Contributed by James M Snell #36729.

Experimental support for AbortController and AbortSignal

Node.js 14.17.0 adds experimental partial support for AbortController and AbortSignal.

Both constructors can be enabled globally using the --experimental-abortcontroller flag.

Additionally, several Node.js APIs have been updated to support AbortSignal for cancellation. It is not mandatory to use the built-in constructors with them. Any spec-compliant third-party alternatives should be compatible.

AbortSignal support was added to the following methods:

  • child_process.exec
  • child_process.execFile
  • child_process.fork
  • child_process.spawn
  • dgram.createSocket
  • events.on
  • events.once
  • fs.readFile
  • fs.watch
  • fs.writeFile
  • http.request
  • https.request
  • http2Session.request
  • The promisified variants of setImmediate and setTimeout

Other notable changes

  • doc:
  • revoke deprecation of legacy url, change status to legacy (James M Snell) #37784
  • add legacy status to stability index (James M Snell) #37784
  • upgrade stability status of report API (Gireesh Punathil) #35654
  • deps:
  • V8: Backport various patches for Apple Silicon support (BoHong Li) #38051
  • update ICU to 68.1 (Michaël Zasso) #36187
  • upgrade to libuv 1.41.0 (Colin Ihrig) #37360
  • http:
  • add http.ClientRequest.getRawHeaderNames() (simov) #37660
  • report request start and end with diagnostics_channel (Stephen Belanger) #34895
  • util:
  • add getSystemErrorMap() impl (eladkeyshawn) #38101


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