FEDORA-MODULAR-2022-2d93b954ce created by sgallagh a year ago for Fedora 35 Modular

2022-02-08, Version 16.14.0 'Gallium' (LTS), @danielleadams

Notable changes

Importing JSON modules now requires experimental import assertions syntax

This release adds experimental support for the import assertions stage 3 proposal.

To keep Node.js ESM implementation as compatible as possible with the HTML spec, import assertions are now required to import JSON modules (still behind the --experimental-json-modules CLI flag):

import info from './package.json' assert { type: 'json' };

Or use dynamic import:

const info = await import('./package.json', { assert: { type: 'json' } });

Contributed by Antoine du Hamel and Geoffrey Booth #40250

Other notable changes

  • async_hooks:
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) expose async_wrap providers (Rafael Gonzaga) #40760
  • child_process:
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) add support for URL to cp.fork (Antoine du Hamel) #41225
  • doc:
  • add @Mesteery to collaborators (Mestery) #41543
  • add @bnb as a collaborator (Tierney Cyren) #41100
  • esm:
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) graduate capturerejections to supported (James M Snell) #41267
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) add EventEmitterAsyncResource to core (James M Snell) #41246
  • events:
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) propagate weak option for kNewListener (James M Snell) #40899
  • fs:
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) accept URL as argument for fs.rm and fs.rmSync (Antoine du Hamel) #41132
  • lib:
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) make AbortSignal cloneable/transferable (James M Snell) #41050
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) add AbortSignal.timeout (James M Snell) #40899
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) add reason to AbortSignal (James M Snell) #40807
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) add unsubscribe method to non-active DC channels (simon-id) #40433
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) add return value for DC channel.unsubscribe (simon-id) #40433
  • loader:
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) return package format from defaultResolve if known (Gabriel Bota) #40980
  • perf_hooks:
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) multiple fixes for Histogram (James M Snell) #41153
  • process:
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) add getActiveResourcesInfo() (Darshan Sen) #40813
  • src:
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) add x509.fingerprint512 to crypto module (3nprob) #39809
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) add flags for controlling process behavior (Cheng Zhao) #40339
  • stream:
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) add filter method to readable (Benjamin Gruenbaum) #41354
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) add isReadable helper (Robert Nagy) #41199
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) add map method to Readable (Benjamin Gruenbaum) #40815
  • deprecate thenable support (Antoine du Hamel) #40860
  • util:
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) pass through the inspect function to custom inspect functions (Ruben Bridgewater) #41019
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) add numericSeparator to util.inspect (Ruben Bridgewater) #41003
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) always visualize cause property in errors during inspection (Ruben Bridgewater) #41002
  • timers:
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) add experimental scheduler api (James M Snell) #40909
  • v8:
  • (SEMVER-MINOR) multi-tenant promise hook api (Stephen Belanger) #39283

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