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Update ID FEDORA-2017-ff19c0da94
Release F25
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Submitted a month ago, 2017-03-02 12:04:10 (UTC)
In Testing a month ago, 2017-03-03 04:00:28 (UTC)
In Stable a month ago, 2017-03-03 17:05:44 (UTC)

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Notes about this update:

  • Remotely managed machines are now configured in /etc/cockpit/machines.d/*.json
  • Fix NetworkManager's "MTU" dialog layout
  • Build the cockpit-tests package for releases too
  • Split translations into individual packages
  • Packages now configure alternate cockpit-bridge's to interact with the system

  • Make basic SELinux functionality available without setroubleshootd
  • Allow changing the MAC address for ethernet adapters and see them for bonds
  • Hide "autoconnect" checkbox for network devices without settings
  • Support for external providers other than libvirt on Machines page
  • Some tooltip fixes
  • Add option to restrict max read size to the Cockpit file API
  • Relax dependencies on cockpit-bridge package on Debian/Ubuntu
  • Rename cockpit-test-assets package to cockpit-tests
  • When touching patched files handle case of only one file
  • Always build the cockpit-tests subpackage

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