security update in Fedora 27 for php

Status: stable 6 months ago

PHP version 7.1.13 (04 Jan 2018)


  • Fixed bug #75573 (Segmentation fault in 7.1.12 and 7.0.26). (Laruence)
  • Fixed bug #75384 (PHP seems incompatible with OneDrive files on demand). (Anatol)
  • Fixed bug #74862 (Unable to clone instance when private __clone defined). (Daniel Ciochiu)
  • Fixed bug #75074 (php-process crash when is_file() is used with strings longer 260 chars). (Anatol)

CLI Server:

  • Fixed bug #60471 (Random "Invalid request (unexpected EOF)" using a router script). (SammyK)
  • Fixed bug #73830 (Directory does not exist). (Anatol)


  • Fixed bug #64938 (libxml_disable_entity_loader setting is shared between requests). (Remi)


  • Fixed bug #75608 ("Narrowing occurred during type inference" error). (Laruence, Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #75579 (Interned strings buffer overflow may cause crash). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #75570 ("Narrowing occurred during type inference" error). (Dmitry)


  • Fixed bug #74183 (preg_last_error not returning error code after error). (Andrew Nester)


  • Fixed bug #74782 (remove file name from output to avoid XSS). (stas)


  • Fixed bug #75511 (fread not free unused buffer). (Laruence)
  • Fixed bug #75514 (mt_rand returns value outside [$min,$max]+ on 32-bit) (Remi)
  • Fixed bug #75535 (Inappropriately parsing HTTP response leads to PHP segment fault). (Nikita)
  • Fixed bug #75409 (accept EFAULT in addition to ENOSYS as indicator that getrandom() is missing). (sarciszewski)
  • Fixed bug #73124 (php_ini_scanned_files() not reporting correctly). (John Stevenson)
  • Fixed bug #75574 (putenv does not work properly if parameter contains non-ASCII unicode character). (Anatol)


  • Fixed bug #75540 (Segfault with libzip 1.3.1). (Remi)

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