Bodhi’s database models.


BodhiBase Base class for the SQLAlchemy model base class.
Bug(**kwargs) Represents a Bugzilla bug.
BugKarma(**kwargs) Karma for a bug associated with a comment.
Build(**kwargs) This model represents a specific build of a package.
BuildrootOverride(**kwargs) This model represents a Koji buildroot override.
Comment(**kwargs) An update comment.
Compose(**kwargs) Express the status of an in-progress compose job.
ComposeState Define the various states that a Compose can be in.
ContainerBuild(**kwargs) Represents a Container build.
ContainerPackage(**kwargs) Represents a Container package.
ContentType Used to differentiate between different kinds of content in various models.
DeclEnum Declarative enumeration.
DeclEnumType(enum) A database column type for an enum.
EnumMeta(classname, bases, dict_) Generate new DeclEnum classes.
EnumSymbol(cls_, name, value, description) Define a fixed symbol tied to a parent class.
FlatpakBuild(**kwargs) Represents a Flatpak build.
FlatpakPackage(**kwargs) Represents a Flatpak package.
Group(**kwargs) A group of users.
ModuleBuild(**kwargs) Represents a Module build.
ModulePackage(**kwargs) Represents a Module package.
Package(**kwargs) This model represents a package.
PackageManager An enum used to specify what package manager is used by a specific Release.
Release(**kwargs) Represent a distribution release, such as Fedora 27.
ReleaseState An enum that describes the state of a Release.
RpmBuild(**kwargs) Represents an RPM build.
RpmPackage(**kwargs) Represents a RPM package.
TestCase(**kwargs) Represents test cases from the wiki.
TestCaseKarma(**kwargs) Karma for a TestCase associated with a comment.
TestGatingStatus This class lists the different status the Update.test_gating_status flag can have.
Update(*args, **kwargs) This model represents an update.
UpdateRequest An enum used to specify an update requesting to change states.
UpdateSeverity An enum used to specify the severity of the update.
UpdateStatus An enum used to describe the current state of an update.
UpdateSuggestion An enum used to tell the user whether they need to reboot or logout after applying an update.
UpdateType An enum used to classify the type of the update.
User(**kwargs) A Bodhi user.